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“In the nine months I have been working with Adam he has given me a great start overcoming a decade of forced inactivity which culminated in double knee replacements.  I’ve seen improvements in the areas of strength, physical fitness, posture, flexibility, and stamina.  I look forward to our sessions!”
— Larry, 75

“Within 30 days of training with Adam, I was down a pant size and looking leaner. What I like most about Adam is he listens, does his homework, and makes every workout different, and challenging with results. I get bored easily so he makes training fun and challenging. He changes the routine every session, and keeps abreast of new exercise regimes and routines. I’ve done workouts from boxing to kettle bells to army crawl/bootcamp to core body training. These may sound hard, and you may not think you can do it, but you can … and he will get you there. He focuses on what you want to see change, not what he wants. I’ve seen dramatic results in 5 months, without waking up with pain or soreness. Adam is hard working and dedicated, and looking out for your best interests. I wouldn’t look as good as I do today without him.”
— Jackie, 48

“Adam is very patient and a very good listener when it came to my previous injuries and devised a great plan with those in mind”
—- Cindee, 46

“Adam is THE BEST! He personalizes each session to meet my needs and pushes me beyond what I feel are my limits. I love that each time we meet we use different equipment. No more boring workouts or videos. And most importantly I’m seeing great results, no more knee pain and I actually look forward to our sessions!”
— Bonnie, 59

“I am an older adult and although I am fit, over time. I am growing more cautious of strenuous exercise. I don’t trust everyone, but I trust Adam to offer me a safe and yet still challenging fitness opportunity. He is demanding, yet respectful and supportive. He stays present and focused and is attuned to the moment-to-moment dynamic synergy between coach and client necessary to keep a person in their optimal fitness zone. I highly recommend Adam to anyone seeking a safe and enjoyable fitness experience.”
— Alexandra, 55

“I enjoyed working with Adam as my personal trainer. His friendly, relaxed attitude made it fun to workout and stay motivated to work hard.”
— Suzanne, 46

“Adam is a knowledgeable and innovative individual in his field. He is always searching for a better way to train me and actively shares his knowledge. Whenever I have a question about physical fitness, nutrition or health and wellness, Adam is the first person I contact. In the past I have had a very difficult time understanding the instructions and directions from other trainers, but Adam has a way of making complex movements seem easier, He has incredible patience and as a result is a great trainer.”
—- Bhavini, 30

“Adam is great at listening to what his clients are looking for. He asks the right questions and has the ability to align his clients’ workout program with their stated goals. He has the ability to make people feel at ease while working out and is excellent at taking people outside their comfort zone which is critical in optimizing results. I feel comfortable recommending Adam to friends and family”
— G, 33

“Adam tailored our personal training sessions to my schedule, my geographic location, and my level of fitness. He has a fun and friendly personality that immediately made me feel at ease. He is very responsive and timely with all communication and he gives an amazing workout, which is the most important thing!”
-— Sarah, 31

“I really like working with Adam because he gives me exercises that I can do at home. His routines are very original and fun, and I look forward to my training sessions each week. I notice quick results in training my body to become stronger and it is encouraging for me to see consistent progress. I recommend Adam for anyone wanting to train and enjoy their workout routine.”
— Amy

“When I first started working out at the gym I felt uncomfortable using the machines, free weights and even venturing to the floor that had all this equipment. I then began a one-day-a-week training regimen with Adam and quickly the discomfort subsided. He guided me to use the different equipment and pushed me to push myself In the gym. I enjoyed working and training with Adam and reached my goals of strength, stamina and weight loss that would have been very difficult to achieve on my own.”
— Kate, 24